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I write on-going stories, one-shots (fluff and smut) and whatever else gets created from my lovely imagination and feelz :)

Kai, Yongguk and Leo are my muses <3 *swats Kris's hands away*

kai has a problem with xiumin being sexy


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when you meet your idol in a restroom

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long haired leo requested by t-aekwoons ♡

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EXID & D-UNIT needs more recognition. These two groups are so amazing, so talented and their songs is like heaven for your ears.

I see collabs all over my dash and I feel like a pouty child. Someone collaborate with me. I wanna have a brainchild with someone hehehe

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Anonymous asked: What's the most romantic thing you've ever experienced?

When I was on my grad trip to Italy, I had a mad crush on this boy, and I was pretty sure he liked me too but I wasn’t the type of person to take the next step. We were in a small town which is right by the sea for the night and we had free time so a bunch of us ran down to the coast to have some fun. The boy and I stood along the coast kinda talking and not really making a move and suddenly he reaches between us and grabs my hand. We stood there, staring at the night sky, even as the others kinda drifted off and talked until we were both tired and I laid my head on his shoulder. I just remember feeling so content and happy that I was in a far away place experiencing that. Plus the rest of the trip afterwards felt really couply as we stayed by each other’s side for the rest of the trip.

It’s one of the best memories I have :D

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The sad sigh I make when I have no new messages :c

Well he didn’t lie…

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esexoeveryday asked: noona your tags!! hahah im in shock hahah im sorry noona next time ill ask for permission before posting a selca

yes please. my poor heart

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Are you afraid that no one will like your writing? Remember that all of your favorite Authors once faced these same doubts and fears.

The only difference is that they were brave enough to overcome them.

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