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I write on-going stories, one-shots (fluff and smut) and whatever else gets created from my lovely imagination and feelz :)

Kai, Yongguk and Leo are my muses <3 *swats Kris's hands away*

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20/ gifsets of VIXX photoshoots » STAFF Photoshoot


exo just generally makes me happier and has made my life a lot better and i want to thank them for that

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Let’s just embrace this moment real quick….

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Anonymous asked: Could you please recommend some great Kai smut scenarios? I mean based upon what you've written you have really great writing skills so I really trust your judgement in recommending equally good ones.


!!! i’m actually not that good ;_; i just

off the top of my head i can’t think of any but some of my favorite scenario writers (not just for smut) are theboyswhomwelove, duizhangdeluxe, palpitate-hyperventilate, sonder-scenarios, all of whom are pretty popular so

idk if you’re looking for undiscovered superstars of smut writing i don’t really know 

how did i miss this? you’re the sqeetest for mentioning me <3


what the actual album looks like. individual covers after all

Nooooooo I want so badly :c

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Q: Where would you run to with your girlfriend?

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infinitleyexotic asked: hey so i feel bad for requesting so many times but ehh.... can i have a shower smut (on the level of kai and the trophy) with a fluffy ending?? chanx men!

~requests were closed but I actually took this as a challenge and… well… i took some creative liberties and…. be careful what you wish for.

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"exo will record ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’ with bangtan boys on 28th july. It will broadcast in mid august"


undercover-porn-unicorn said: Some one should deff bring up “awkward” that was my favorite 

~SOBS AWKWARD is the absolute best, if you’ve never read it i feel so bad for you it is the most delicious mix of fluff and silly and smut that could ever exist. Anyone else notice my best stuff comes from whoever has been my bias? Chanyeol, Walking Through, Awkward, Kyungsoo, The trophy, Kai :D