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I write on-going stories, one-shots (fluff and smut) and whatever else gets created from my lovely imagination and feelz :)

Kai, Yongguk and Leo are my muses <3 *swats Kris's hands away*

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Flight or Fight (Part One)


Pairing: Yixing and You

Genre: Thriller/Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Word Count: 2183

Rating: NC-13

You had no idea why the hair on your arms and neck was standing straight, or what the bundle of nerves pressing against your chest from the inside out was trying to tell you, other than the fact that something was off. Paranoia seemed to creep into every air vent and crack in the car doors and windows as you drove your normal route home. Before tonight, driving the dark suburban roads by yourself was a comfort; you could relax your mind and limbs, only truly needing to focus on the occasion you could see headlights coming from the other direction.

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Anonymous asked: maybe one where you could be trying to cook/bake for daddy!Kris and it goes wrong and he finds.... some way to make his baby girl feel better..*eyebrow wiggles*


You were in tears over the disaster before you. Your attempt at making dinner after Kris’s first day being promoted. Except you managed to dry out the potatoes, burn the steak, bloat the chicken, evaporate the gravy—needless to say you were going to be able to eat anything. The worst noise in the world, keys jingling, ready to be put into a lock, got your heart pumping. Your mouth went dry and blood pumped through your veins. Messing up the kitchen while Kris was out working was not an action that would get you rewarded.


There was some fortune still on your side. You had noticed the time and were stripped down to nothing other than the cute pink apron Kris insisted you wear while cooking. This combined with the fact that you had to be naked for when Daddy came home, well, you didn’t think he would be able to stay angry at you for long.


Upon entering the kitchen, Kris drew you into his embrace, nose in your hair, enjoying your small form against his. “You tried. I can see that much,” Kris assured you, careful of your sensitive nature at this moment.


You looked up at him, eyes brimming with more unshed tears. “I wanted you to have so much food!”


“Come on, baby girl, I’ll make you feel better,” Daddy cooed and you felt instantly relieved. Daddy would take care of everything. All you had to do was follow his every command. He would lead you down the correct path.


You laughed when your butt touched the counter but cut it off when Daddy spread your legs. He drew a finger down the side of your breast, along the swell the showed beyond the apron. It wasn’t a surprise when he flipped the apron out of the way and pulled you closer to the lip of the counter. His head was in between your legs, lapping at your folds slowly and purposely. His fingers gripping your thighs,keeping your legs far apart so he could dart at your clit and tease you.


You couldn’t demand for Daddy to shove his fingers in you, because that would earn you punishment and you didn’t want that. So you left it at small mewls that you knew made Daddy impatient with lust if he was touching you. Kris wrapped his arms around your legs now, bringing you as close as he could to his face. His tongue meticulously attacked you until you shuddered, ankles locked behind his neck as wave after wave of pleasure went through you.

“Thank you Daddy,” You said wearily. All your thoughts and anxiety from ruining the food was gone. Daddy always knew how to make you feel the best.

Anonymous asked: Whenever I read a bj scene in a smut story it's always from the girl's pov, but what about the guy's pov? what would go through his mind (if anything actually goes through his head)? You think you can make that happen~~ ???


Jongdae wanted a blow job from you since day one. Sometimes, he would spend the entirety of your date staring at your lips. He breathed a sigh of relief when you smirked at him, talking about being obsessed with kissing you. He would have to be patient, take the kissing and then hope to god you were one of those girls.


It was the end of summer, the cool air not too cool that a heavy sweater might fix. The windows were down and the sun was at your back. It was a nice drive, the music playing and Jongdae absent-mindedly humming along with it. He froze when he felt your fingers climb up his inner thigh.


“Jongdae,” You whisper into his ear and he feels a shiver take over his spine. “You were really cute today.”


Your fingers were now rubbing through his jeans, creating a bulge that wouldn’t be able to be ignored. Jongdae bite down on his lips, but couldn’t help when a moan escaped his lips. You were making him feel so good. “What are you doing?” Jongdae says hoarsely.


“I’m going to reward you for being so good with my family.” With that, your fingers stopped their pressure and pulled down the zipper of his jeans. You slipped him out of his boxer briefs and Jongdae thanked himself for wearing the black ones today. They were your favorite.


Your mouth was on him within seconds, hot and wet and your tongue. Jongdae’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. He couldn’t decide if your fingers pumping him or your swirling tongue was the best part of this. Up and down you went, Jongdae unable to resist grabbing your hair and pulling it out of the way so he wouldn’t miss a moment of the show. Watching your mouth go along his length, gave him so much pleasure, he had a hard time from cumming quickly. LUckily, you were already ahead of him. When he bucked up, you put on hand on his hip bone to hold him down and another gripping the base of his penis until he stopped attempting to spurt into your mouth.


Soon enough, Jongdae was panting from suppressed lust. He was going to explode when you finally let him came. He began to whine your name, fingers playing with your sensitive ear. He called out pet names, cooing to you. He contemplated promising you could tie him up when you asked, “Jongdae, how badly do you need to cum?”


Your voice was husky from being down on him and your lips were cherry red from the friction of sucking his cock. “Please, I’m going to die,” Jongdae croaked.  

Jongdae closed his eyes once your mouth went back to work. You started to play with his balls and that was it. He felt his balls tighten up and then he was spurting into your mouth, in awe that you took it all, no matter how much his dick twitched. After you swallowed everything, You sat back, cutely wiping your mouth with the back of your hand. You giggled and then he was laughing and he was thanking god you were that kind of girl.

[ONESHOT] Pretty boy inspired

I finally watched a live of Pretty Boy, and just basically wrote this after

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version 2 (flip) [DO NOT EDIT OR REPOST]

Anonymous asked: how about some cute, fluffy (& eventually smutty) drunk confessions to Jongin? pretty please~?


You were past the point of buzzed. You were feeling like it was pretty important you tell him what’s up. Like the fact that he was adorable.

"Jong-Jong-innnn," You whine, grabbing his thigh and shaking his leg to get his attention.

Jongin, who was previously engaged in a conversation with Chanyeol on what the hell he was going to do with a drunk you, turned to you with a cheesy grin. It was pasted on and was his way of hiding his nervousness. You were growing bolder and bolder with each sip of your cooler and he just didn’t really know how to deal with it. “I’ll go get you some water.”

"No," You pouted, pulling on his elbow. Jongin landed with an omph and Chanyeol unsuccessfully suppressed a snort.

"More shots works too," Jongin sounded determined on getting out of there. Chanyeol wasn’t helping. Maybe Luhan knew better.

You leaned forward, elbow on your leg, arm wobbling as your hand held your chin in place. “You have a nice rosy tint to your skin when you’re drinking. I like it.”

Jongin pulled at his collar, thinking it was suddenly really warm in here. “Really? I didn’t know.”

You nodded eagerly, getting on a roll now that Jongin wasn’t shooting you down, “And you know what else? Your lips are really red from you chewing on them all night. They look really nice.”

"Nice, huh?" Jongin’s eyes shot around the room, searching for an escape route. If only he could get your best friend’s attention and maybe she might tow you away to talk with Sehun.

You threw back the last bit of sweet alcohol in the bottle down your throat and stood up. Now was your time. It was all or nothing right now. What did you have to lose? You turned to face Jongin, lean forward to put your hand on his shoulder. He leaned back, trying real hard not to glance down the view you were now providing him, and swallowed harshly. You promptly sat on his lap and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. Chanyeol’s eyes were bugging out of his head but you didn’t see because your lips were tucked close to Jongin’s delicate ears. “I want to see what other parts of your skin have gone rosy and I wonder what those red lips could make me feel,” You whispered.

You squealed in glee when Jongin quickly put one arm around your back and the other under your knees. Chanyeol watched with an open mouth as Jongin shouted, “You’re right. Some fresh air would do us good!” He practically dashed around a corner with you still in his arms. Chanyeol didn’t have the heart to correct Jongin that he was going towards the office and not the door to go outside. 

So I did a thing…


I’ve decided to make a side blog dedicated to req. I didn’t want to clog up my messages of my main blog. So you can go here or directly Here to hop on the req train. If I’m enamored with any special ones, i may reblog on my main :D

hey usually you guys are climbing all over me for req and the min i give you a free chance to req the shit out of me? come on now. LEGGO. i want smut req and daddy req and all that stuff 

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excuse me.

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[ONESHOT] Within

Type: One shot
Genre: Fluff
Band: Exo
Member: Joonmyeon (Suho)

                                        Joonmyeon sees the truth

*credit goes to krisinsanity for this beautiful edit*

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 W Korea | © jinyoung japan

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krismehard: I smell a chicken…

Excuse me!~ Vamp!Bap au




I could feel it in my bones before Sunhwa politely knocked on my door. The release of such evil into the world was like a shudder down my spine. “Mistress, Jieun would like to report.”


“Let her in,” I commanded.


“Lady Liza,” Jieun dropped to one knee, catching her breath, “The catacombs are in ruins.”


I continued to stare out the window. Somewhere, in our somewhat peaceful world, chaos was loose. “I’m aware of that.”


Shock was apparent on Jieun’s face before she wiped it clean, “Please, allow me to—”


“No,” I cut her off. I swirled my wine and took a sip. “Allow them some room. It will hurt all the more when we trap them again.”

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