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I write on-going stories, one-shots (fluff and smut) and whatever else gets created from my lovely imagination and feelz :)

Kai, Yongguk and Leo are my muses <3 *swats Kris's hands away*


I couldn’t resists this… ugh too many sexy feels. Warning guys: Chanyeol smut!


You were just a little pissed off this evening. You stomped to your bedroom before the person who had made you angry could protest. You locked it for good measure as well. You had gone to a fancy function. You had dress up to the nines. Chanyeol had too with his hair all debonair and a tight black suit stretched over those broad shoulders. And he knew what he and a tie did to your libido. And what did he do all evening? Joke and talk with Kyungsoo and Baekhyun. You had expected something! An offer to go to the bathroom or a possessive arm around your waist. You loved Chanyeol but sometimes he could be so single-minded!

“Babe, open the door,” commanded Chanyeol, knocking lightly on the door.

“If you enjoy the boys company so much, go sleep with them!” You yelled petulantly. You didn’t care that you were acting childish. You were still angry.

“I lived with them for years! I just miss being around them,” Chanyeol admitted.

You started to remove your dress and hung it up. You stood there in only your bra and underwear. “I dressed up for you, you know! You didn’t even get jealous when Kai asked me to dance…”

“When did you dance with Kai?!” came Chanyeol’s immediate response. That was the response you were looking for. That gave you an idea. Chanyeol needed to understand who desperate you had been for his attention.

You backed up to the bed and fluffed some pillows. “The way he had his hand on the small of my back, made me think, what would his hands be like on other places?”

“Don’t do this,” warned Chanyeol, sounding a little desperate himself now.

“But then I just found myself thinking about your big hands,” You paused to help yourself get into the mood. You run your hands over your breasts “How they feel completely encompassing my boobs.”

“What are you doing right now?” Chanyeol asked, his proverbial ears perking up.

“Mmmm and then they slowly make their way down my tummy. The anticipation for them to get to their destination always gets me so wet.”

“Are you…” You heard a thump and imagine Chanyeol banging his head against the door, “…this is payback, isn’t it?” he said softly.

“But then I picture Kai’s pouty lips and wonder…” You gasped as you let your finger brush your clit through your satin underwear.

“Wait a second! You’re not touching yourself imagining Kai, are you?” demanded Chanyeol.

You poked at your wet hole, the barrier of your underwear still teasing you “But Kai, we can’t!”

“No no no!” chanted Chanyeol, “Back to me! My large hands, my teeth!”

“You’re right. I deserve some special attention. Clearly Chanyeol has better things to do. Oh! Chanyeol certainly doesn’t do that!”

The pounding on the door became louder “What do you mean, I don’t do that? I do lots of things! Besides, I’ve got a bigger—”

That caused you to stop and chuckle, “And how would you know that tasty tidbit of information?”

“There was this time in the dorms… that’s not important. Just let me in!” Luckily for you, the door saved you from Chanyeol’s puppy-look you just knew he was sporting right now.

“Oh no, you’re not deterring me that easily,” you said, determined to get the most of this. You closed your eyes, really wanting to immerse yourself in this.

You pinch one of your nipples “Speaking of teeth… when those pearly whites of yours gently bite my nipples,” They harden at your touch, “and those long, long fingers. They can reach so deep into me,” You moan slightly as you pushed your fingers in yourself finally.

“This is torture,” you heard come from Chanyeol.

“Yeol, not another finger!” you gasped again. “You always go at such a slow pace at first, because you’re afraid it will hurt. You can be such a tease…”

“OH MY GOD, YOU’RE BITING YOUR LIPS RIGHT NOW, AREN’T YOU?” Chanyeol bellowed. The doorknob started to shake. “That’s my favorite part!”

“I always try to buck my hips to make you go faster, but you hold me down, so you can do what you want to me.”

“IF YOU TRY TO CUM WITHOUT ME, I WILL BREAK DOWN THIS DOOR!” continued Chanyeol in his outdoor voice.

“Don’t stop, I’m almost there!”

Bam went the door as it flew open and so do your eyes. You smirked as Chanyeol didn’t take more than two strides to get to your bed. “Took you long enough—” You lips are crushed against Chanyeol’s as he growled. That deep sound sends delicious shivers down your spine.

Chanyeol lifted you up and placed you so you were facing him, straddling him as you were both sitting up. His mouth moved down to your neck, biting gently but with enough force to show he meant it. “You’re not allowed to do that to me ever again.”

“You better pay attention to me when I dress up next time,” you said as Chanyeol nimbly undid your bra.

“I was trying to keep myself away from you! You looked too good with that low-cut back…” Chanyeol got distracted by his shirt. So he had been thinking of you.

You smiled. He was a whiz at getting off your bra but when it came to buttons, he was useless. “Someone’s impatient,” You teased, undoing the buttons for him.

“Someone wouldn’t be impatient if you didn’t just tease him to the brink of insanity,” grumbled Chanyeol, almost crushing your breasts in his hands.

Your head lolled back, “This is going to be fast, isn’t it?”

“You better hope you cum before me,” chuckled Chanyeol, sending another shiver down your spine.

Chanyeol deposited you against your pillows and wrestled with his pants. He stood up, starting to get frustrated. Chanyeol’s head snapped up when he heard the bed creak as you got up. You tantalizingly remove your panties off slowly. Chanyeol no longer focused on his pants anymore. His eyes followed the movement of your underwear. The look in his eyes belayed his want for you.

You fought another smirk as you helped Chanyeol with his pants. “These are tight!” you murmured, “I wonder how they’d look on—”

You were cut off again as Chanyeol pushed you against the wall. You felt you lips get abused as they pushed up against your teeth. Normally Chanyeol was very gentle with you because he was always cautious of his larger stature. But tonight, his need won out. This Chanyeol could be fun.

Chanyeol pulled up your leg and manoeuvres his cock out from the slit in his underwear. “I bet you are drenching—l” He paused to push every inch of his shaft into your pussy. “Oh yes, very wet.”

“Chanyeol…” escaped your mouth. When he filled you full-tilt, it was like you felt whole. He completed you perfectly.

“Now who wants it,” teased Chanyeol, his signature grin returning.

You wrapped both your legs around Chanyeol’s waist, just to get that extra inch in you. “You know, I can take care of myself, if you’re not willing?”

“I don’t think so…” Chanyeol’s voice rumbled in your ear and you bit your lip as he started to move inside of you. “You better be thinking only about me,” he warned you.

You squeezed your walls around him. In response, Chanyeol picked up speed. In between thrusts you manage to get out “Not… when… you’re… oh that’s the spot!”

“You are going to cum so hard, your head will be swimming with thoughts of me,” promised Chanyeol. He was starting to sweat at the effort of supporting you and keeping the quick pace.

You licked his collarbone, savoring the salty taste of his skin. “By all means, then.”

Chanyeol’s thrusts started to become more pronounced, hitting your g-spot every single time until you screamed, “Yeol!”. Your walls clenched down on his cock, milking him for all he’s worth. Chanyeol was a scant few seconds behind you, not able to withstand your screaming of his name and your tight vagina.

All energy left Chanyeol and the two of you slide down the wall, matching the position you had been in bed. Both of your heads rest against each other, trying to catch your breath.

“I’m removing that lock on that door,” Chanyeol managed to rasp out. All you can manage is a tired laugh. Chanyeol fought to keep a serious face, than gave up, grinning broadly, “I told you so.”

You pushed some curls out of Chanyeol’s eyes “Yes, love, I’ve only got thoughts of you.”

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